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Unlock your resilience,
pass it on. 

Boost your emotional wellness and give your little one’s brain a big head start with the help of a parent mentor.  It's free, confidential, and all through text. 

You’ve got this. We’ve got you.

Program Update: Enrollment is currently closed to be matched with a mentor, but please join our community newsletter and be the first to hear about upcoming NurtureNW news and relevant resources, sent right to your inbox. You can also connect with us on FB and Insta to stay updated on future developments and offerings.


On Your Side

From feeding stress to dealing with the blues, mentors support, never judge. 


Prepared to Help

Your mentor is an experienced parent who is trained to support you.


Here to Connect

Your mentor has access to WA's top resources for new parents.

Our superpower is supporting people during the early transition to parenthood. We match any Washington parent who is between their third trimester and nine months postpartum.

Here’s how it works.


Sign Up

We'll ask you some questions about what you’re looking for—it'll take about 10 minutes.


Get Matched

We'll match you with a parent mentor who will check in every week through baby's first birthday. 


Start Texting

Experienced, personalized support from an experienced parent is just a text away!


Who are our Mentors?

We are a community of real-life parents who love to nerd out about feeding our littles and get our kicks from being there for new 'rents like you. Are you a Washington parent who loves being there for other parents? Apply to become a trained volunteer mentor. 


Stories From Our Members

It’s easier to talk to someone you won’t meet in lets me be more open.”


on the importance of non-judgement

When I needed the emotional support, that's when I felt most connected to my mentor.”


on the freedom to be vulnerable

Just hearing ‘you're normal’ made a difference.”


on being validated

NurtureNW is not an emergency response program and resources shared by NurtureNW Mentors are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. In the event of an emergency situation, please call 911 for assistance. To learn more, head over to our FAQs.

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