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Welcome to Nurture Seattle! Get to know your mentor,

Mama Bear

What is your parenting superpower?

The willingness to maul any creature who comes between me and my cub. Also I do great voices at storytime. 

Where are you from? 

I grew up the youngest cub of three in eastern Washington, got my bachelor's in salmon fishing outside of Boulder. Moved to Yellowstone in my early 20s to intern with Yogi Bear! Moved back to Washington to be closer to the family following a tumultuous relationship with a Bison. 

Tell us about your family

I'm a single mom of one cub, 3 years old, lots of energy. Split my time between mothering, fishing, and freelance copywriting! Thankful for my Grandma who helps out with the kiddo on Tuesdays. 

Why do you mentor? 

Mentoring is a great way to connect with parents who are just starting out. Before this, most of my interactions with human families involved intimidating them for self defense or entertainment, so it's great to be able to give back. 

When you first became a parent, what was your greatest challenge? 

In my first year as a parent, I was constantly comparing myself to other moms. I felt like everyone else was catching more salmon, finding more comfortable hibernating spaces and doing it all with perfect hair. I totally stressed myself out. Finally, I realized that I was never going to be able to focus on my kid if I couldn't first focus on myself. Getting off instagram was the best choice I ever made. 

What about your identity has shaped your journey as a parent?

My identity as Grizzly has definitely shaped how I parent, especially when it comes to diet and the need to hibernate for 3 months. Also, I'm a complete sports nut! Go Seahawks!

What is your six word parenting story? 

Get salmon. Get salmon. Get salmon. 

What book/podcast/movie/bingworthy series would you reccomend for new parents?

Michelle Obama's Becoming was all around super inspiring! All parents need a guilty pleasure...mine is 90 Day Fiance! 

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