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Help a new parent unleash their inner
“I've got this.”

Are you a parent in Washington State who loves to support other parents? Do you have a computer, internet access, and about an hour a week to give? If so, read on. 

What does a Mentor do?

Mentors are the judgment-free co-pilots for every new parent. Mentors volunteer from their own computers on their own time. Each week mentors start conversations with members on the topics that help them handle the ups and downs of new parenthood, by offering validation, personal story sharing, and connection to the accurate information and resources members need to thrive in their parenting role.

How do I become a Mentor?

The first step is to complete the online application. You'll answer some questions about yourself, your own experience becoming a parent, and provide two references (people who can speak to what an awesome person you are, like a neighbor or a good friend). We’ll contact you in one to two weeks to schedule a connection call, in which we'll learn a bit more about your interest in the role and can answer any questions you might have about this volunteer opportunity. If you’re selected, we’ll link you to the online Mentor Training. When your references are checked and you've completed the training, you can be matched with your first Members!

What’s the time commitment? 

Mentors support between 5 to 10 members at a time. This support takes just one to two hours each week, and can be done whenever is convenient. Mentors commit to filling their role for at least one year.

What kind of support can I expect? 

Mentors have access to an expansive community of other mentors from across Washington State. Mentors grow skills and make connections on the private Mentor Facebook Group and at monthly virtual mentor gatherings. The Nurture® team provides full support through the mentor journey.  

Here’s how it works.



Complete the mentor application. It takes about 15 minutes.



Complete the two hour online training and sign the Mentor Pledge. 



Get matched with your first five Members and start changing lives!


Why do I mentor?

Mentoring has made me a more capable and compassionate parent to my own kids!"


Mentor like being in touch with someone who is reading your favorite book for the first time.”



I used NurtureNW with my first baby and want to give back that same support to more parents!"



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